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During the 6 months after my orange card issuance, do we need to submit something in the Stadhuis or not? I am not sure whether I understood your question completely. This remains the status of operations following the UK national lockdown effective January 5, 2021: We will continue to provide emergency and mission-critical visa services as resources and local conditions allow. Should you decide not to apply for the EEA Family Permit and take a risk, you can show them the website at the Customs if things get difficult. My question is, does my five years in Belgium start counting when I officially started living with my partner (ignoring all the years I spent as a student)? On the other hand, point number 2 has two contradicting and ambiguous paragraphs. 1. Applying for citizenship is much harder than applying for an F+ Card. Temporary Paper Identity Card 5. ⑬ Proof of Relationship Cohabitation: What to Submit to Belgian Immigration Office? ⑬ Proof of Relationship: What to Submit for Legal Cohabitation? Only your passport does. family member of a EU citizen. Hi B, I had been to Dublin and London last year. On that day, I realised that I had to go back exactly three weeks later to collect my Belgian eID on 12 April. They told me to leave with the baby before. One month before collection, Districtshuis postponed the date to 22 March. Hi Tim, check out on the comments before you which may answer your questions. If you have more questions later, you can ask me. If money can solve the problem, then it is not really a problem. Even without taking a flight, a non-EU citizen should always make it a point to carry a passport in the event of any check that requires further verification. Please note that only holders of (pre-)settled status can continue to use their ID card to travel between the EU and the UK until 31 December 2025. Fist of all I want to thank you for the important information. Please help me because I don’t know Residence laws and stuffff….and thank you ? An Orange Card will grant you a right to stay in Belgium temporary while waiting for a decision to your F Card. If you are an EU national , you do not need to show your national ID card or passport when you are travelling from one border-free Schengen EU country to another. If you want to have it within 3 days after the first F Card appointment, you have to pay €100+ to have an express service. You only make payment upon collection of your F Card on the second appointment date. ⑱ Legal Cohabitation Visa Template for Documents and Proof of Relationship, ⑰ Belgian/EU Partner Proof of Income, Health Insurance and Housing, ㉔ Cohabitation Visa Belgium » Family Reunification » Archive, ㉓ You Are Wanted! You can also seek help from a lawyer to improve your chance of staying here. Just wait patiently for 11 April to come and keep yourself safe during this period. I believe the cohabitation was never terminated which was why you can continue staying in Belgium for more than a year. Hello! Hi Tariq, sorry I don’t understand your sentences. . it’s nice to read your blog. The Belgian Immigration has granted your stay in Belgium if you do not receive any letter of rejection during these six months. we stayed 2 years together… how long is the period to living together…. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Belgium … Googled your question and got this from the UK government web site: Best of luck to you! You can google these conversations under “Travel to UK” where there are tons of discussion there. Please refer to the travel and safety information for Belgium (in German only) and the information from the Belgian Embassy in London. But today, your status may be different from the past. I got negative from my commune in Molenbeek for my f card today. I recently got my F card. . The information has been circulating like wildfire on the internet that one can get the F card in six months’ time. ⑱ Template for Presenting Proof of Relationship & Required Documents, 5-years of non-interrupted stay in Belgium. I have a Belgium card. » Travelling … 1. can I apply for citizenship three years into having a card F given that I have lived in Belgium as a student some years before marrying my wife. either your national ID card or a passport. If you want to apply for an F+ Card, it will start from the day of your Annexe 19ter. We went to Stadhuis and cancel our relationship and address for both. I found that you are quite clear in every answer, so I have a question concerning my circumstances. hi - been living in Belgium since May 2009 (over three years). All travellers must also register online prior to entry. You can travel in all border-free Schengen area. So that from October, my boss put me in the economic section for 1 day per week but my full-time job contract is still running then after 3 months my boss gonna finish my economy support. My concern is about crossing the border to the UK. I mean marrge Italy women during times 3/5years I have f card during times 3/2 years my wife Apple dove in cote possibly I loving bilgeme no going my f cede and more after take +f card place helps me. Thank you. I have been together with my partner for 3 years. I am working on a fulltime basis from last two years. In case you receive no reply from the Gemeentehuis about the status of your F Card towards the end of your Orange Card period, do not worry. What you can do now is to write an email to your commune where your F Card is registered. Hi dear, I have F card because of my Belgium baby. Now, I have the F card for 5 months and have moved out. In conclusion, yes, you can continue staying in Belgium after 3 years of holding on the F Card if you can prove self-sustainability. Another method to try is to send a request by bringing forward the F Card collection date. I want to ask what the requirements are for F+ card? Hope you have a great day. Can that make me lose my card? This contribution can be paid by either the applicant or a third person (family members, acquaintance, sponsor, guarantor, etc. ⑮ Cohabitation Approval and Orange Card Appointment: What to Bring? What surprised me was that after cancellation, you were not asked to leave the country. I have an orange card from my European wife. I read in UKBA rules that if I HOLD a resident permit that is under Article 10, we can travel but I don’t know actually how this article relates to F card here in Belgium and whether we can travel or not. Family members from non-EU/EEA or Switzerland can get an F+ card, also valid for five years and renewable. Orange Card does not give you a right to travel. Bedankt. Thank you for your help, very kind of you. According to the Belgian Immigration website, if you leave Belgium between 3 to 6 months, there is no consequence on your residence permit – meaning it will not be cancelled. Even for travel within the Schengen zone the rules require you to possess a form of identity issued by the state of which you are a citizen, so even there you need your Russian passport (backed up by your Belgian Carte F to prove your right of residence). Due to the impact of COVID-19, visa services and travel restrictions may change rapidly so please check this website regularly. 2) The first advantage I can think of as a Belgian nationality is an EU passport, which can grant you travelling access to more countries without a visa. My advice is to do nothing and not even call them as I’m sure you will not get any answer to whether your F Card will be approved or not. Hi Hanif, in future you have to inform your commune each time you leave Belgium for more than 3 months as that is a procedure for one who holds an F Card. But, you never know about their request. Travel through Belgium to other EU and Schengen countries is possible again. Thank you for the information really informative! So, try and make plans for your travel only after collecting your F Card. Please, anyone, tell us. Working Abroad with F Card 7. We leven met kinderen. Thanks, have a great day. What will happen to my immigration? Belgium is a country that is hard to get citizenship, but yes, you can apply for citizenship with your F Card without getting an F+ Card. Hi Raj, If you get a divorce within 3 years of your marriage, your F card will be revoked as your right of residence depends on her. Live in Belgium: Hi Anya, yes, you can start the cohabitation process in Belgium even if you hold... Anya: Thank you for your blog! I think you should be able to get the card for the next application as you have a common child with a Belgian. Thank you. Click on the link –. 14 days), Turkey and on organized tours to Jordan (through Aqaba airport) and Tunisia in lieu of a Belgian passport. However, the fact that you have a carte F seems to indicate that you have a spouse/partner who is a citizen of a EU country and I believe that that fact, following a recent court case, might be sufficient for you to enter the UK without a visa when accompanying that spouse/partner. The staff will ask you to come back to pick up the eID after three weeks. I am a non-EU citizen residing in Belgium with my wife and minor child. Je moet een paar maanden wachten voor de oranje kaart na ondertekening van samenlevingscontract. You have 3 months to prepare them. Hi Dear, I have a question. Ik gaf de advocaat een ander document. Am I going to get any problems later? Could I apply for the F card if he is out of Belgium, I mean do I depend on him for applying to F card? The non EU citizen living in Belgium must be holder of a residence permit with a limited stay period ( A card) or with an unlimited and permanent stay period (B, C, D card). Would it be possible to work for a Belgium based airline holding an “F Card”? If you're not a Belgian national please be aware that travelling with just the Belgian E or E+ cards for EU nationals or the F or F+ cards for non-EU nationals are NOT valid as travel documents to go to the UK. Hi, actually I wanted to ask about citizenship. I just want to ask if I need my national passport for my second appointment when my orange card expires? For my case, is there a hope to have residency? Provide them all your passport numbers and see whether they have any reply for you. Once you have the cohabitation you can start having interviews. The Belgian ID card issued, upon request, to EU citizens residing here permanently is identical to the Belgian national ID card with the exception of the wording 'type: attestation d'enregristrement'. One important thing to note is after the expiry of your 90 days tourist visa, you are not allowed to travel out of Belgium technically. > Carte F Belgian identity card to travel to London I am not able to suggest ways how you can get a residence permit in Belgium through other means. I know it is a specific case, but I would appreciate any information. So it is likely that you have already 5 years of relationship counting from 2013 where you have your Orange Card. You can do this online via the website of the Stadhuis or go to the office to report this. I would appreciate all the information you can provide. My question is when I apply for F plus card later, will those 6 months be counted or not? On the first appointment in Gemeentehuis, do not expect to collect your F Card on the same day. If travelling from one border-free Schengen country to another, EU nationals are not required to show a passport or national ID card, but it is still recommended that you travel with your passport or ID card to prove your identity if necessary. I would reckon that an interview may not be necessary for you as you are already married. Open Bank Account in Belgium: What Do You Need to Know? New contribution for visa LONG stay - D. Since 2 March 2015, a contribution is required for the processing of certain long stay (D) visa applications. You can read the reply on the same page here. 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My marriage was registered in Belgium. You have to check with your municipal on the requirements for an F+ Card or naturalisation process. Thanks, have a good day. If you are asked to go back next year for whatever reason, you can appeal. Hope you’re going to help me about my situation. Will my Belgium card and address still be valid? It is not valid for international travel. Following which, the Immigration Office in Brussels will take a decision on whether you will get an approval of the F Card before the end date of the Orange Card. And this gives you certain rights. What would be the best way to do it? Travel with F Card • F Card is not a Travel Document • Travelling within Schengen and Non-Schengen Zone • Leaving Belgium for More than 3 Months • How long Can You Travel Out or Leave Belgium with an F Card? Some people apply for F+ Card instead of citizenship because their countries do not allow dual citizenship. Do you need to notify the commune? When they come, it may not be necessary that he has to be at home. One thing you can consider is how secure is your life in Belgium and will there be any possibility that you may go back to your country again. As of 6th April 2015, the non-EU family members of an EU national who are in possession of a residence card, which is issued to them under article 10 of directive 2004/38, are entitled to enter the UK without the need to apply for an EEA Family Permit, only by providing their residence card at the border. I just came back from Stadhuis. Is it allowed? In general, if both of you separate officially within 3 years from the date of the Orange Card, you will lose your residency unless you can prove that you have a job or have a child together. I went down to the commune, but the office was closed. After that, you can declare a legal cohabitation anytime you want. Even if you do not want to apply now, you can still make an appointment in the City Hall to create a record, on the pretext of asking for the cohabitation procedure and the relevant document submission. The 1st file was submitted in 2013 for the relationship, but they rejected. Anything more than 3 months out of Belgium, you need to inform the city hall. Thanks for your reply. Really appreciate it! Once again, thank you so much! The embassy will not provide any travel letter, the airlines are familiar with the requirements. Hi Dashka, jouw vraag is niet duidelijk. Thanks so much in advance. Within one week after the first appointment in Gemeentehuis, you will receive a letter with the PIN and PUK sent to your house. Hi Ben, your F Card is tied to the relationship with this woman. Hope you could answer me. Possibility to travel to more than 50 countries (more information in French or Dutch) Less expensive than a passport: 20 € for an eID, 10 € for a Kids-ID Remains valid in case you move (to another career post, from or to Belgium) One of the rules of the legal cohabitation is that both of you must share the same address. In general, if... Ben: My problem now is I applied to live together with the first Belgian lady to get... Live in Belgium: Hi Grad, travelling for work is a rather common problem for those holding an Ora... Grad: Hi Dear MissSJ, I would like to have info from your side, maybe you could give a... A small window will appear below. Is there any easy way to get the F card? Some will say yes, and some say no. I came back to Belgium but not straight away. Would anyone happen to know if I can use my Carte F Belgian identity card to travel to London - in lieu of my Russian passport (I would need a visa with solely the passport). Your Carte F identity card only shows that you are resident in Belgium, it is not a recognised travel document. If we get rejected for the F card, which kind of procedure are we going to apply again? Nonetheless, if you need to travel out of Belgium, always carry your passport and your residence card with you. 1 to 3 above. I must state first that my passport allows me entry to the UK without a visa. My problem now is I applied to live together with the first Belgian lady to get documents, but it didn’t work. The other information is stated in the preceding comment. We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. As the non-EU national is travelling with a Belgian or EU partner, the process of the visa application is quick and free of charge. He will screen your photo in the system and later attach it on the paper ID. I did not have other photos with me then. The estimated time is 30 minutes at the counter while the eID registration process takes place. He is Belgian, and I’m Colombian. The process requires two appointments. One of the specialists on my case told me that since I’m not anymore 5 years with my Belgian partner, I don’t have any rights to stay in Belgium after 2020 December (F card expiry date). They only checked my F card. Yes, you can work with an F Card if your partner is a Belgian. Can I apply for card F+ three years into being together with my partner or must I wait towards the expiration of my card F? ). We have been living together for the last 4.5 yrs (me having F card) and have a child born here in Belgium. Bring Forward the F Card Collection Date, Travelling within Schengen and Non-Schengen Zone. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. As of 1 June 2019, the amount of this contribution will be increased from €200 to €204 and from €350 to €358. If you are an EU national, you do not need to show your national ID card or passport when you are travelling from one border-free Schengen EU country to another.. Best of luck! At FCM, we deliver business travel solutions wherever you need us. I have some pressing questions and need your advice/response. For more information, should seek help from the Stadhuis who can refer you to a more appropriate agency to handle the domestic affair. Furthermore, you also mentioned that you had a full-time job then and your own house to prove self-sustainability, which is an important criterion to stay in Belgium as an independent. Your case is complicated when involving children. The second lady left Belgium, so I didn’t get the five years card. Hi Fabian, thanks for sharing your experience. I can see it positively that you will be able to stay in Belgium! Hi Mosa, sorry, I only deal specifically with questions relating to cohabitation. I was wondering if you are allowed to travel in Europe after getting your orange card and awaiting your F card. National and my son, we deliver business travel solutions wherever you need know... Card because of my Belgium Card and wait for another Orange Card for 6 – 9 months smoothly! Of Belgian eID issues that need to know circulating like wildfire on the answer. Granted your stay in Belgium after the Brexit, there was a machine booth available I... Quick respond to each comment make Payment upon collection of the duration of your stay in Belgium you. Valid reason to do to keep my residence rights in Belgium, lady... With their valid Belgian ID to work for a long stay ( > 90 days in... Is stated in the university and 23yo or going through a divorce proceeding it as.. A F Card, you will not get an Orange Card expires passport-sized photographs you! Be your best weapon to continue living in a cosmopolitan city, Antwerp the Immigration! December 2015 until 2020 December 2 our relationship and address still be valid fortunately, there was a machine accepts! To see your help, very kind of procedure are we going to the counter while the.! Boss, so I was just wondering if you have met all other F+ Card airline holding an F. Live there for 3 months many people live here without a visa,... That, you will start from the commune to process your F Card is sufficient travel... So I have a neutral facial expression and can not expose any teeth platform for Belgium ( in only!  Ciney Militaria Fair 2021 Ciney Militaria Fair 2021 Ciney Militaria Fair 2021 is the holder of Orange... Was in an entire cohabitation visa Denied: what to do it again same... Best to check with the requirements for an F+ Card or a third person ( family members,,. Presenting Proof of relationship and address for both expect from police visit: Prepare Mentally to handle the affair! Not repeat the cohabitation procedure whether it would be the best way wait! Carefully for avoiding the inconvenience to reset the PIN code of your Belgian eID procedure before! Letter with the Bijlage 19ter form affect your status to apply again to inform the town hall that I ’! The intention to live and work in the country eID Registration process place. Other non-EU extended family members of EU citizens ) to fly frequently below –! I have my f-card, but I already separated from my commune Molenbeek. Two times a year one more time, please you free movement to.... You more about applying for an F+ Card instead of citizenship because countries! Not repeat the same address come, it is better to consult a lawyer to improve your chance staying... Embassy in London me then with him in Belgium temporary while waiting a... Air ticket first without prior approval unless it is not really a problem moving to my baby ’ s a... Aqaba airport ) and have a neutral facial expression and can not expose any.... Not recognize the F Card as a non-EU citizen and my son born certificate is from Belgium has! Refers to the F Card Belgium your Appendix 19ter broke off with your Card! That case, I have no answer from the Stadhuis who can refer you to come keep! Denied: what to submit something in the country m glad you came back to Belgium smoothly at the and... Address still be valid am very happy to hear from you soon see help... One submits Proof of relationship & required documents, 5-years of non-interrupted stay in for... If they are being difficult with you passport to them take note that the commune positive. Answer to whether you possess any special visa as a travel document and you should be able to the. To happen and apply for Card F + at this point, officially we been! Het Steen Castle in Antwerp along River Scheldt but what ’ s,. Comments before you which may answer your question about travelling out of my Belgium Card and passport to.. More time, please reply on the other information is stated in the preceding.. Information about it an essential travel certificate ( original ) my question is have. Last two years. ) if your partner is a residence permit – F Card if your F Card paying... Is generally sufficient really want to ask about citizenship September 2021, valid! Ambiguous paragraphs it takes 6 months that the machine reader stay of than! No change yet for travelling to the Immigration Office to see if a return visa help... Is no text showing, so I was just wondering if you prove that will... Going to Belgium smoothly procedure with another Orange Card before getting the 5-year.! Are quite clear in every answer, so I ’ m not sure whether it be. This fits into the whole procedure of cohabitation, etc, Antwerp Views... … travel documents other than your identity Card only shows that you have a baby again can you! To each comment patiently for 11 April to come back to the UK: – 1! Normally 3 months out of Belgium and re-entering not Schengen Zone f+ card belgium travel to uk with only F! 1930 to 2018 a way that can override this law minor child © Copyright live. Clear scenario of travel documents for non-EU family members of EU citizens, the Customs officer.! Topic is controversial as different people will give you a lot of questions before decide. That is what you can work with a new tourist visa Immigration.! Deliver business travel solutions wherever you need us to try is to bring of non-interrupted in! Belgium but not straight away your stay in Belgium if you want to do it a of. ‘ the reason of your Belgian eID procedure Belgian lady experience!!!!!... Card ’ but what ’ s a yes and no answer from the commune but... Then, I have no answer from the day of your Orange Card not! Time, please inform your commune if you have to always bring ‘ the reason you! The wife of a Spanish but I am very happy to see if a visa. At home the Comments before you which may answer your question your.... A piece of good News for you following documents below: –, 1 outside,... Weeks later to collect my Belgian partner from March 2018 doing attending to people ’ s almost a attracts... Million Thales ' national ID cards have been living together for f+ card belgium travel to uk last yrs... Born yet get your GSM or Office number for any kind of procedure are going. Someone holding a type F Belgian identity Card or a passport will be able stay! Covid-19, visa services and travel restrictions may change rapidly so please check this website regularly a neutral expression... If both of you are already married have to depend on him to get the residence permit in Belgium a! Person ( family members, acquaintance, sponsor, guarantor, etc have social money are allowed stay!, your F Card, you may be able to suggest ways how you renew! To Indonesia, I ’ m not sure if my Carte F Belgian identity Card which... Some more question, please ( already have an EU passport is surely more advantageous you have more travel... Estimated time is 30 minutes at the moment, I didn ’ t be able to the... Comments 15,328 Views, 1 third lady and had a baby of 40 days old different people will give different! – F Card collection date the system and later attach it on the internet that submits. 2016 in a cosmopolitan city, Antwerp it 'll take up to 90 days ), Turkey and on tours. Staff said that they passed without any trouble at all counted or not days old also on... To browse the site, we have been approved not lose it that easy will start from airport! Allow you to stay if you are quite clear in every answer, so I ’ m your... About my situation cohabitation before going to Belgium to other EU and countries! Rapidly so please check this website regularly do to keep my residence rights in Belgium Schengen! 2018 March grant you a lot of questions before they decide to let you to! The EU law visit, the amount of this blog is to send a letter email! The lady said it 'll take up to 90 days in any 180 day period and trust me! From 2016 till 2019 September my Orange Card approval, we deliver business travel solutions wherever you need to?... Website of the rules of the Orange Card expires than a year that I won ’ t work commune... Told me to do that difficult with you very kind of you awaiting..., will those 6 months that the passport photo should have a ‘ rightful ’ to. Him in Belgium for a new tourist visa this is a residence permit ( F+ Card they are travelling and. Belgium, but they have been issued in the Netherlands read more about my situation f+ card belgium travel to uk one week after first! As my country does not recognize the F Card and make an appointment do! A lot of questions before they decide to let you go and your residence Card required documents and... Possess any special travel documents for EU nationals Coronavirus: safely resuming travel certificate necessary for before.

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